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About Us


Mu Iota Omega Chapter has a viable membership of over fifty college-educated women who are committed to promoting programs that emphasize the sorority’s mission of “service to all mankind.” 

The Cotillion Beautillion Program is the annual scholarship program sponsored by Mu Iota Omega Chapter and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Mu Epsilon Lambda Chapter. The Cotillion Beautillion Program allows students from schools throughout Horry County to participate in educational workshops, service projects, and bonding activities that positively reinforce critical self-esteem principles that will last a lifetime. Through the funds raised help sponsor activities and award several scholarships to students for their scholastic achievement, community service, fundraising efforts, and overall participation in the Cotillion Beautillion Program. Since its inception in 1990, the program has awarded over $ 550,000 in scholarships to college-bound women and men. 

Mu Iota Omega Chapter heard the cry of community activists in the city of Conway and responded by developing an enhancement program for at-risk girls at Whittemore Park Middle School. Monthly workshops were held to cultivate character building through informative, engaging workshops and seminars. The chapter was also able to provide materials and additional resources to program participants through a grant from Coach David Bennett’s Foundation, Collin’s Kids.


Through our Mentoring Program and Fashionetta Program, the chapter provides leadership development, civic engagement, enhanced academic preparation, and character building skills to more than thirty young girls in the area.

Mu Iota Omega cares about the communities it serves. The chapter took part in Alpha Kappa Alpha’s year-long voter registration and education offensive to reach, mobilize and impact hundreds of thousands of citizens throughout our service area. The campaign was driven by the theme: Alpha Kappa Alpha C.A.R.E.S., an acronym for Collaborate, Advocate, Register, Educate, and Stimulate. The chapter hosted voter registration and information drives throughout Horry County. The Chapter was instrumental in transporting voters to the polls and personally contacted more than 500 citizens in Horry County to encourage the importance of voting. 

Through the chapter’s health fairs, health forums, and annual Gospel Brunch, the sorority distributed vital information concerning prevention, screening, and treatment of cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, asthma and other environmentally- related diseases in our community to the community. Today, inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative, the chapter sponsors health-conscious activities that include educational forums and Zumba for its members, community, and signature program participants. 

For over forty years, Mu Iota Omega has upheld the Alpha Kappa Alpha tradition of “supreme service to all mankind” by assisting scores of less fortunate or needy families. Mu Iota Omega knows that it’s imperative now more than ever to continue to lead the way by demonstrating the importance of SERVICE to the communities in which we live and work. " 

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