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Good Afternoon Sorors!

Your EAF Committee is excited to announce the official launch of the EAF Boutique & Silent Auction! This event will be hosted the same day as our Chapter Meeting on Saturday, March, 19, 2023. We have a few minor requests before we see your smiling faces and open wallets on Saturday.

In preparation for our EAF Boutique this Saturday, please note the following:

1. Bring cash for purchases. No bills larger than a $20. Small bills are appreciated. Checks will be accepted and Zelle may be used if your purchase exceeds $100.

2. The Boutique will be open from 8 am-10 am for purchases & the silent auction. The silent auction will close at 10 am.

3. The Boutique will be open for additional purchases after the chapter meeting from 12 pm - 1 pm.

A special thank you to all Sorors who donated items. Make sure that you arrive early to get the best “bargain finds”!

Platinum Pearls in Progress,

The EAF Committee

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